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The European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) signed  between the UK and Turkey in 1973 is known as the Ankara Agreement in our country.

With this agreement, Turkish citizens can establish business in the UK, become a partner and buy a business. Applications can be made personally or jointly. Applicants whose application is accepted are given a residence permit for 1 year and then for 3 years. At the end of the 4-year period, applicants are entitled to apply for British citizenship. Those who fulfill the required procedures are naturalized. Citizens who do not apply for citizenship can get permanent residence if they like.

Ankara Agreement application process should be kept track of carefully and meticulously. A personal file should be prepared by examining the professional fields, experiences and financial resources of the individuals. Applicants’ application processes should be managed in a professional manner. The required support must be received from those expert at the field and precautions must be taken against negative situations that may emerge later.

Inaccurate actions of candidates in the application files directly affect their subsequent applications. Receiving professional consulting services for Ankara Agreement applications increases the chance of success in achieving the goals of people.


Ankara Agreement application process in Turkey;

Application to Ankara Agreement can be made through both England and Turkey. A comprehensive file study must be made during applications; the candidates must conduct a very detailed market research regarding the sector. Especially the documents regarding the experience in the sector to which the candidates will apply, occupational experience, educational files and reference letters must be prepared accurately and must be translated into English by a sworn translator.

Candidates must certify that they have an adequate level of English language knowledge in applications made from Turkey. While English at a level that enables people to run their business is enough for people in some occupational groups, people in some occupational groups must know fluent English. For this purpose, internationally valid certificates such as IELTS must be included in the application dossier.

The applicant must have full knowledge of the application dossier and, if necessary, be able to answer any questions that may be asked during an interview at the consulate.

The process of preparing the application dossier needs to be kept track of seriously, with due diligence and care. ILES will be with you with its experience of the Ankara Agreement application, which it has been conducting with success for years. It will use its experience and opportunities for the satisfaction of its clients through its consulting, financial advice and attorney units.

ILES analyses the individual talents of the candidate, prepares the required documents for the candidate, carries out the market research for the business to be established, prepares introductory material together with the business plan when required. It will be by the candidate through its knowledge accumulation and experience in creation of institutional identity and of the website, establishment of the company, settling period, fulfillment of legal needs, details that will be encountered in the dossier tracking process.


By calling ILES, you will have the opportunity to participate for free in the consulting interview for Ankara agreement candidate analysis. Fill in our contact form for free candidate analysis! Contact Us!


England is one of the most important centers of economy, capital, arts, culture, fashion and education in the world. It is one of the most invested countries in the world with its robust and dynamic economic structure. Vitality of economic life and few risks, developed democratic freedom have caused people all around the world to show interest. High standards of social life, attractive quality of life, lively commercial life make it attractive to settle in England. You can also have these opportunities by settling in the UK and starting a business or working.

With Ankara agreement, you get the rights to settle in the UK, get  residence, start a business.

Anyone who meets Ankara Agreement criteria can apply. You can get more detailed information by contacting ILES.

Applications can be made to Ankara Agreement from Turkey or England. Applications should be made by experts. Experience of ILES will ensure successful completion of your application since wrongful or deficient filling of documents, wrong planning of actions in England will cause the effort and budget of applicants to be wasted.

With the Ankara agreement, one year of residence permit is given at the first stage. If no negative situation has been experienced, the duration is prolonged for 3 more years. Citizenship can then be applied for.

You cannot become a citizen of the UK through Ankara Agreement. Since the procedure for citizenship is different, application for citizenship must be made separately.

A budget must be built under certain conditions for Ankara Agreement. Applicants must document their financial status for the work they plan to do in the UK. This requires a detailed and careful study before the application. ILES will be by your side in this regard with its expert staff.

The applicants for the Ankara agreement must prove that they know a certain level of English.

Family members may settle in the UK provided that the individuals meet their obligations under Ankara Agreement. Within this framework, if applicants act together with ILES,this will prevent negative situations that may emerge.

Those who settled in the UK and started a business through Ankara Agreement can then start another business or conduct another profession.

ILES conducts an accurate planning by primarily analysing applications well. It produces customized solutions for each applicant. It ensures the best use of your opportunities with its lawyers in the London office expert at their field and with its experienced team in Turkey. It prevents customers from wasting time and money. It doesn’t leave people having settled in England via Ankara Agreement alone, it continues its services non-stop also in England for the process to be completed with success.

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