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Finding a job abroad is an opportunity that many people desire but unfortunately not everyone can grab. Every year, dozens of people from Turkey go abroad to work. In the year 2018 this figure increased to more than 250 thousand according to the Turkey Statistical Institute’s 2018 report. As the figures show, people are turning to an opportunity or trying to create an opportunity in line with their own profession and goals.

One of the countries most-frequently preferred by those working in Turkey is the UK for the purpose of working abroad because England is a country with a high level of prosperity, many opportunities and whose native language is English. With the case like this, it is inevitable that it will be preferred by the Turks.

Some professions may be more fortunate to find jobs abroad. Doctors, developers and engineers can find jobs abroad more easily than other professions do. But sometimes luck can smile at other professions. Today we will talk about one of these lucky professions.

The UK is waiting for nurses!

As of in 2019, the UK began to import nurses from Turkey. Nursing, one of the important duties of the health sector, has become a sought-after profession in the UK. So if you are a nurse who can meet the conditions sought, you can easily get a job and start living in the UK. So what are these qualifications and the desired conditions?

First of all, let us talk about which type of nurses can benefit from this opportunity.

  • Those who have newly become nurses
  • Nurses with experience in the hospital

Yes, as you can see above, you can still work as a nurse in the UK even if you have just now received your nursing diploma. Having the work experience is an advantage.

But what the UK wants from you to work as a nurse is not restricted to these. In addition to being a nurse, you need to have a number of different features.

These steps are as follows:

  • Your IELTS scores taken in the last 2 years must be 6.5 in writing, must be over 7 in reading, listening and speaking. If your results are older than 2 years, you need to take the extra exam and prove it.
  • You must have at least B from the occupational English test known as the Occupational English Test. As with the IELTS test, the results must be obtained within the last 2 years. For results older than 2 years, you have to prove them with the exam.
  • Nursing diploma.
  • Work Experience There is no minimum time. If you are a nurse without work experience, you can also benefit from the status of a new nurse.
  • You are required to have registration as a nurse in Turkey.
  • And of course you need to have a valid passport. If not, you can get it by contacting the relevant authorities immediately.

As you can see, if you are a nurse in Turkey, England offers you an unmissable opportunity. And we help nurses in this regard. If you’re a nurse and you’re interested in this offer of the UK. Don’t forget to contact us through our contact information.

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