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German is not a widely-spoken language in the world. However, the fact that Germany is a country producing advanced technology and knowledge has increased the importance of German profoundly. Especially it has become obligatory for people to build a career or receive education in technical fields or for people in institutions and businesses with commercial relationship with Germany to learn German. People from different regions around the world receive language, undergraduate or the doctoral education in Germany for the purpose of attaining the advanced technology and knowledge.
Language Education in Germany
German language education with ILES is conducted in the city of Hannover, located in the northern part of the country. Hannover is one of the ideal educational centers due to the untainted and fluent German used there. The fact that it is a world-famous city of fairs and commerce also provides important opportunities to people to receive education there. Hannover enables students to spend time without any boredom due to natural beauty around it, its historical castles, cultural and social activities in it.
Language TrainingTime
-The language education is at all levels; its duration varies in accordance with personal needs.
– Accommodation for students is in rooms for one person in flats belonging to the school.
Higher Education in Germany
German universities are among the best universities in the world and the duration of education is generally 3 years. Those who want to study at university in Germany, at a university teaching in German have to know the language. Those with an insufficient level of German may complete their education throughout the preparatory year of the universities they applied to or in other language schools and may continue studying at university.
• There are also universities in Germany teaching in English; you can receive your education in English. For this, it is enough for you to have 6 from IELTS exam.
• – Students having completed a high school of 4 years in Turkey may study in the department they have gained the right to study through YGS-LYS or in another department matching the type of scoring.
• Applications are personally made to the universities where you want to study. You can apply to other universities at the same time.
• Education at German universities is free of charge; a minuscule amount of tuition fee is annually charged depending on the department.
• Similarly, master’s or doctoral programs are free of charge.
• Those who wish to study in Germany must keep hold of the money accounting for their annual expenses and prove that it is in their account.
• The presence of your relatives there , sponsors or businesses are taken into account by the German government.
• People in Germany receiving education are given the opportunity to work at a limited level.
• After completing your studies in Germany, you have the opportunity to find and start work.

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