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Language Education

The spoken and official language in Malta, which is between the island of Sicily of Italy and Libya and Tunus in the Mediterranean, is English as Malta was ruled by the English for a long time. With its historical background, cultural structure and natural beauties, it is a country where people enjoy themselves. Learners of English will spend their time in this charming island country where they will both receive their language education and relax. If you wish to study language in Malta, you should consider the time holidays and exams of school.

University studies

In Malta, university education is parallel to that of the UK and the language of education is generally English. Those studying at a university in Malta do not have an accreditation problem when they want to work in another country. The education period of the universities is 3 years and those who certify that they know enough English can start education without completing a preparatory year.

Students from foreign countries must certify that they have received 5.5 to 6 points from IELTS to study at undergraduate level and that they have received 6.5 points to receive master’s education. Documents also from TOEFL exams are sufficient for them to receive education.

Those that will travel from Turkey to Malta to study at a university have to complete their high school education of 4 years. Those that do not know enough English have to complete language education throughout the preparatory year.

Application Dates

In Malta, the application period to a university is February or October. Similarly, education starts in February and October. The semester break is 2 months.


There may be not only university’s own facilities for accommodation, but individuals can also make use of their own alternatives. Accommodation on campus costs between 300 and 500 euros per month.

University Fee

Prices vary according to the department where you want to study. The fees range from 10,000 to 15,000 euros and are 20,000 euros in the dentistry departments.

While your average monthly expenses vary from person to person, it is approximately 700-800 Euros, including accommodation. Students who are willing to work while studying are given a working permission of 20 hours per week.

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