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South Africa, the most developed country in Africa, is one of the most-frequently preferred countries around the world due to natural beauties, developed economy, high-quality educational system. It is an alternative with quality for those who find education costs in Europe and North America to be expensive. Cape Town, located in the southernmost part of the African continent, offers efficient education opportunity thanks to its natural beauty.

Language Education in South Africa

In the Republic of South Africa, the language of education and the spoken language is English. Therefore, in South Africa, those studying language will have the opportunity to speak fluent and clear English.

University Education in South Africa

University education in the Republic of South Africa is in English. University diplomas are internationally recognized and you can work anywhere in the world. The universities in the Republic of South Africa are among the best educational institutions in the world and you will have a prestigious diploma. You can receive your master’s and doctoral education without any problems in both the Southern African Republic and in the UK, the USA, Canada with the diploma you will receive here or you can have a direct working opportunity in those countries. Undergraduate education is 3 years when 4. year is completed, you can also receive doctoral education.

Language Requirements

In the Republic of South Africa, universities do not require language knowledge. But since the language of instruction is English, you must know the language. If you know English well enough to receive your education, you can apply to universities.


University education is subject to fee and varies according to the school and department you apply to. University fees, which range from $ 2500 to $ 10000 in general, excluding accommodation. Individuals can not only make use of their own alternatives for accommodation but they can also make use of hostels in schools. Monthly costs are between 200 to 500 dollars on average and you can receive education with high quality at reasonable costs.

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