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The motherland of English language is the UK. The UK is an island country that achieved domestic peace as far back as in the 13. century. The fact that there is a wider range of freedom in comparison of other places, that the country is away from social clashes and wars, has made the country alluring for people from every occupational group. Due to the impact of this situation, it has been subject to brain drain and capital movements from especially the continental Europe and very different regions of the world.

It has put very large areas of the world under its rule via the naval power; it rendered English as a commonly spoken language through the system it has established in those places.

Today, English has become the common language around the world; hence, it has given the opportunity for people from different countries to contact each other. Thus, using English accurately, fluently and properly gives individuals important advantages.

Education in the UK,

* Receiving your education in English in fields such as education, science,trade, arts,fashion,tourism and other fields will provide you with an international arena of working.

* You will have global experience, will get to know the world,will enlarge your professional working arena, will be able to contact people and institutions that you need without any intermediary through the training you will receive in England.

* You will create new opportunities for yourself in your career planning and your business life thanks to the education you will receive in England.

* While receiving education in England, you will also be in one of the most important centers in the world for capital, technology, information and will keep up with social and cultural activities closely; hence, will broaden your horizons and will have the opportunity to get to know different cultures alltogether.

Centers where our language schools in England are located,

  • Language schools in London
  • Language schools in Manchester
  • Language schools in Birmingham
  • Language schools in Southampton
  • Language schools in Bournemouth
  • Language schools in Dublin (Ireland)

Education in the UK

The UK is among the most important options for those looking for alternatives that want to receive education in each level. It is subjected to a significant amount of brain drain from almost any country around the world.

The fact that it has a deeply-rooted educational system, that science and technology are developed there, that it has an educational model that produces knowledge, and above all, that it is a country taken as an example around the world in the field of education, that it is open to different cultural and social structures makes it alluring to receive education in England.

Education in the UK, a very important step in career planning, will put you at a more advantageous place on the positions that you hold.

Undergraduate Education

  • Undergraduate education in the UK lasts for 3 years.
  • You have to have completed a high school of at least 4 years to receive undergraduate education in the UK.
  • You must demonstrate that you know English.
  • If you do not know the language sufficiently, you must either complete a preparatory year in England or must get at least 5,5 from IELTS exam in Turkey.
  • The IELTS score required by UK universities for admission varies by department.
  • Candidates who wish to study at a good university and department must get higher scores.

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