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Master’s Education + Doctoral Education

  • IELTS exam score for master’s education is 6,5,
  • IELTS score is 7 for doctoral programs.
  • A period of education of approximately 1,5 years is required for the master’s education,
  • a period of education of 3 years is required for the doctoral education.
  • Applications are made to universities personally.
  • You have the right to work in England after your undergraduate, master’s or doctoral education.
  • After the required procedure is completed, application for citizenship can be made.

Higher education in the UK is subject to fee. Fees vary in accordance with each university and the departments where you want to study. However, through some special procedures of universities, it is possible that a part of your expenses are paid. A working permission of 8 to20 hours a week is granted in higher education programs and it is possible to contribute to your budget.

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